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The Latitude is a great location.

What makes The Latitude such a unique buy is not only its dynamic exterior design, is its spectacular unduplicated location.  Since it sits directly across from Trout Lake Park and the new Olympic built community center, with an Ice Rink included, you are afforded unparalleled convenience of life style. 

Having the park right across from Latitude facilitates all the leisure activities that can seem tedious because of transportation or commuting reasons. There is no need to pack up the car, or the kids, or the relatives, or the in-laws, or your friends; just tell them to meet you there! Except for the kids of course, take them with you, I was just kidding about that. All you have to do is just cross the street to enjoy the gym, the tennis courts, the lake, the grass, the trees, and the fresh air!

Latitude’s other asset is its close proximity to the renowned community of Commercial Drive and all of its cultural amenities.  Located within the ‘Drive’ are some of the best coffee shops, cafes, restaurants, and live music venues in the city.  Personally, I know how wonderful it is to have such a community so close to where I live, and how it affords peace of mind knowing I don’t have to travel far for a casual afternoon or night out.

Since Latitude is in the early stages of development I will have more posts to come concerning its progress.  This is an exciting location and project. 

As always, contact me if you are interested or if you have any related real estate questions!

P.S. Click on the underlined highlighted words to take you directly to the corresponding websites, where you can learn more about Trout Lake Park and the Trout Lake Community Center.