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September flurry means don't hurry.

It is nearly the end of the 3rd week of September, and as in years past, you can feel the real estate market becoming more active. .  Instinctively people are refocusing on school and work because of the weather’s recent change.  Gone is August and the sunny weather and the want to enjoy every sun ray possible.  In is the need to organize your family, your house, your job, and school.  Everyone is busy and their focus is on other priorities besides the real estate market. 


For this reason there is no point listing your property until the beginning of the 4th week of September.  It would be like sailing with no wind, and no matter how big your sail was you wouldn’t be able to move.  What I mean is, despite how good the price of your property may be, people are too distracted to think about making a move.


Based on the calls that I am personally starting to receive now, I would say that anytime from here on in is a safe time to get going and to put your property on the market. 


As for all the buyers, get ready, because you should start seeing more opportunities starting to come your way. 


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